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Noun1.hidden reserve - reserves that do not show up on the balance sheet (as by understating values)
cookie jar reserve - a hidden reserve that can be used to adjust quarterly earning reports
reserve account, reserve fund - funds taken out of earnings to provide for anticipated future payments
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Hundreds of people will take part in a march today to save the hill that concealed Robert the Bruce's secret reserve at the Battle of Bannockburn.
In this programme, the Unreported World team visits a high-security secret reserve engaging the local community in wildlife conservation.
Public versus secret reserve prices in eBay auctions: results from a Pokemon field experiment.
Alternatively, for a sample of Pokemon cards sold by the authors, Katkar and Lucking-Reiley (2000) find that 46% of auctions with a secret reserve result in a sale, whereas 70% of public reserve auctions result in a sale.
Lucking-Reiley, Vanderbilt University, "Public versus Secret Reserve Prices on eBay Auctions: Results of a Pokemon Field Experiment"
Board members Meridy Wixley and Arlene Franks discovered Pact's secret reserve fund, skimmed from a publicly funded apartheid-era subsidy.
45) Although a secret reserve may not itself be objectionable, the fact that auction houses frequently pretend that they have sold paintings to fictitious bidders when the secret reserve has not been met can be seen as a method of creating the impression that art is selling for more than people are actually willing to pay for it.