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Noun1.Secretary of War - head of a former executive departmentSecretary of War - head of a former executive department; combined with the Navy Secretary to form the Defense Secretary in 1947
secretaryship - the position of secretary
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There are now a Secretary of War, a Secretary of Foreign Affairs, a Secretary for Domestic Affairs, a Board of Treasury, consisting of three persons, a Treasurer, assistants, clerks, etc.
The collection relates to Grant's service in the Mexican War and Civil War; pre-Crvil War career; and postwar service as Secretary of War ad interim under Pres.
In fact, Secretary of War Edwin Stanton and General Henry Halleck publicly criticized Sherman's surrender terms, a slight the general never forgot.
The secret memorandum was signed in July 1905 by then US Secretary of War William Taft and Japanese Prime Minister Katsura Taro.
He was also named director of arms, assistant secretary of war, and later, military governor of Bulacan.
He created problems for himself by resisting Secretary of War Edwin Stanton's efforts to enlist black soldiers in the Union army.
The US secretary of War in early December 1945 had announced demobilization would be slower than originally promised.
secretary of war, the country's vice president, along with a brief stint as secretary of state.
Because at that time there was no United States Navy, Congress gave the task of procuring the ships to Secretary of War Henry Knox.
The congregational singing was first held in Aberystwyth in 1916 after World War One secretary of war, David Lloyd George believed singing would be "beneficial".
Marshall's role in the development of the atomic bomb, from his appointment to President Roosevelt's advisory committee in 1941 to his tenure as President Truman's secretary of defense in 1950, including his time as Army chief of staff, his participation in the Top Policy Group for atomic energy, his involvement in the Manhattan Project, his collaboration with Secretary of War Henry Stimson and Manhattan Project leader General Leslie Groves, and the use of atomic weapons against Japan in World War II.
The secretary of war tasked Wayne to purchase these camels in the Mediterranean region.

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