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n. pl. Se·ders or Se·dar·im (sĭ-där′ĭm, sĕ-dä-rĭm′) Judaism
A ritual feast commemorating the exodus of the Jews from Egypt, held on the first night or first two nights of Passover.

[Hebrew sēder, order, arrangement, Seder; see sdr in Semitic roots.]


(Judaism) Judaism a ceremonial meal with prescribed ritual reading of the Haggadah observed in Jewish homes on the first night or first two nights of Passover
[from Hebrew sēdher order]


(ˈseɪ dər)

n., pl. Se•ders, Se•da•rim (ˌseɪ dɑˈrim)
Judaism. a ceremonial dinner, held on the first night or first two nights of Passover, that includes the reading of the haggadah and the eating of foods symbolic of the Israelites' slavery and the Exodus from Egypt.
[1860–65; < Hebrew sēdher literally, order, arrangement]


- The Hebrew word for "order, procedure"; it is the ceremonial Jewish dinner held on the first night of Passover.
See also related terms for procedure.
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Noun1.Seder - (Judaism) the ceremonial dinner on the first night (or both nights) of PassoverSeder - (Judaism) the ceremonial dinner on the first night (or both nights) of Passover
Last Supper, Lord's Supper - the traditional Passover supper of Jesus with his disciples on the eve of his crucifixion
Judaism - the monotheistic religion of the Jews having its spiritual and ethical principles embodied chiefly in the Torah and in the Talmud
supper - a light evening meal; served in early evening if dinner is at midday or served late in the evening at bedtime
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Tournament Chairman John Merven Gamboa would like to thank the participating teams: Seder Group of Companies ( SEDER Lady Eagles ), Seder Group of Companies ( SEDER Chika Babes ), Kingdom Hospital, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center ( KFSH & RC), King Fahad Medical City (Al Babtain), Dr.
After all, in "these parts" (the Deep South), inviting non-Jews to the seder is routine.
Seder is a ceremonial dinner that commemorates the Exodus of Jewish slaves from Egypt.
The Passover Seder is a Jewish ritual feast that marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover.
We introduced Passover Seder meals our first year and due to the success with patrons, Talia's will bring it back again this season," says Manager, Samantha Silvers.
In a separate incident, the Israeli court extended the detention of the journalist Amjad Abu Arfeh, the al-Aqsa guard Mohammed Seder, Mutasem Seder, Mohammed Zain and Mohammed Arafeh until Monday.
On the first night of Passover, the seder plata takes center stage.
Frogs in the Bed" is a great illustrated Seder activity book based on a well known song of the same name.
Obama, the first US president to observe the Passover Seder at the White House, hosted the small gathering only two days after returning from a Middle East trip featuring a visit to Israel.
Starting at sundown Monday night, the President will host the first Passover Seder with friends and staff members in the White House's Old Family Room, (http://www.
Correction (published March 21, 2013): A Hunger seder held Sunday in Eugene was sponsored by the Jewish Community Relations Council, among others.
Above all, apart from my Caribbean-born gentile friend George--whom I'd dragged here while my Jewish husband was, uh, at a Black Crowes concert--this was a Seder of strangers.