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n. pl. se·di·lia (-dĭl′yə, -dĭl′ē-ə)
One of a set of seats provided in a church for the use of the presiding clergy, usually three in number and located on the liturgical south side of the chancel, often in a niche built into the wall.

[Latin sedīle, seat, from sedēre, to sit; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) (functioning as singular) the group of three seats, each called a sedile (sɛˈdaɪlɪ) or sedilium (sɛˈdaɪlɪəm), often recessed, on the south side of a sanctuary where the celebrant and ministers sit at certain points during High Mass
[C18: from Latin, from sedīle a chair, from sedēre to sit]
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En 1095, dos hermanos se repartian las iglesias de Fonolleres, Sedilla y Ullastret; y los casos podrian multiplicarse (56).
Nevertheless, NPC vice president for Small Power Utilities Group Danilo Sedilla affirmed last week that their company already awarded a contract to Monark Equipment for the lease of new 2.
Still, Caloocan City District Supervisor Carleen Sedilla said the three-day school week had so far eased overcrowding and-unlike in overpopulated campuses stuck with the five-day schedule-enabled the schools to follow the DepEd-prescribed time per subject.
With this scheme, we give the students the maximum allotted time (for the subjects)," Sedilla said.
Abel Sedilla coordinates the parties and occasionally steps in to play Santa.
Sedilla, CCSHS officer in charge and concurrently coordinator for foreign languages in the school division.
Cameroonian cager Donald Tankoua fired 19 points for the Red Lions, while Alfred Sedilla had nine.
27) "Los mercaderes sienten mucho lo que viene de las islas, porque aunque los rasos que de alla vienen y los damascos y otras sedillas, y aun las mas finas, son de muy poca seda y otras texidas con hierva, que todo es muy valadi.
14v), por ser sedillas de tal calidad que las hechuras que en ellas se echan son perdidas (f.