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(Units) a unit used in physics


(ˈsvɛd bərg, -ˌbær yə, ˈsfɛd-)

The(odor), 1884–1971, Swedish chemist.
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Noun1.Svedberg - Swedish theologian (1688-1772)Svedberg - Swedish theologian (1688-1772)  
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Flagellar motility, Sedimentation velocity, Transport in a flow) obtained by means of simple and direct gestures.
To consider and evaluate stability of nanoparticles inside the base fluid, sedimentation velocity calculation of small spherical particles is found by using Stokes law.
Sedimentation Velocity Analytical Ultracentrifugation: Discrete Species and Size-Distributions of Macromolecules and Particles
Size exclusion chromatography and sedimentation velocity indicated that the monomer: dimer ratio was 1:1 for pool A and 4:1 for pool B.
where u is the sedimentation velocity, w, o are the density of aqueous and oil phases, B is the viscosity of continuous phase, g is the acceleration due to gravity, a is the size of dispersed droplet, J is the collision rate of two spherical particles, K is the constant, T is the temperature of the system, f is the dispersed phase contents and is the parameter depending upon surface charge and size of the droplets.
Using an orthogonal approach, techniques such as SEC, SEC-MALS (SEC with combined with multi-angle light scattering), sedimentation velocity AUC (SV-AUC), dynamic light scattering (DLS), sodium dodecyl sulphate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-Page) and field flow fractionation (FFF) can be used for the determination of a wide range of colloidal features of biomolecules.