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 (sē′gəl), George 1924-2000.
American sculptor known for his realistic plaster casts of people in ordinary situations.


(ˈsi gəl)

George, 1924–2000, U.S. sculptor.
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Noun1.Segal - United States sculptor (born in 1924)
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The Segal Group said The Singer Group's growing focus on service in the public sector and to library systems during the last decade and a half have set it apart as a go-to firm among these employers.
Segal, who previously worked as president of finance at Intuit, in a tweet said that he "can't wait to work" on the "important mission.
I'm pleased to co-sponsor this legislation in the Senate to encourage public service and remove an unfair tax burden for recipients of the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award," Isakson said.
Segal Marco Advisors is headquartered in New York and will have a significant presence in Chicago, operating out of the former MCG office.
Brian Smith, Segal Select Insurance Services Inc's COO, said, 'As the premiere fiduciary insurance and fidelity bond broker in the Taft-Hartley market, this acquisition expands our core clientele and further increases Segal Select's West Coast presence.
Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania announced criminal charges against Segal, a resident of Langhorne, Pennsylvania and Boynton Beach, Florida.
Prior to joining Catalyst Mr Segal gained a wide range of experience of research through roles in a number of organisations.
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Segal told listeners 2/18 that he will not be moving to New York after all.
When he took early retirement 22 years ago, Dr Segal and wife Renee were inundated with good wishes.
There are, by my reckoning, three core beliefs that Segal says distinguish Tories from Liberals.
In her first chapters, Segal shows that Hebrew's ascendancy into a spoken language was not inevitable, but rather took an enormous amount of effort.