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 (sĭ-gō′vē-ə, sĕ-gō′vyä)
A city of central Spain north-northwest of Madrid. An important Roman town, it was held sporadically by the Moors from 714 to 1079. Its Roman aqueduct (first or second century ad) is still in use.


(sɪˈɡəʊvɪə; Spanish seˈɣoβja)
(Placename) a town in central Spain: site of a Roman aqueduct, still in use, and the fortified palace of the kings of Castile (the Alcázar). Pop: 55 640 (2003 est)


(sɪˈɡəʊvɪə; Spanish seˈɣoβja)
(Biography) Andrés (anˈdres), Marquis of Salobreña. 1893–1987, Spanish classical guitarist


(səˈgoʊ vi ə)

1. Andrés, 1893–1987, Spanish guitarist.
2. a city in central Spain. 41,880.
3. Coco.
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Noun1.Segovia - Spanish guitarist who made classical guitar a concert instrument (1893-1987)Segovia - Spanish guitarist who made classical guitar a concert instrument (1893-1987)
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Martha Thorne is Dean of IE School of Architecture and Design, one of five schools at an innovative, private university in Madrid and Segovia, Spain.
Here are three more impressions I got from two recent international festivals-the 2017 Asia-Pacific Bond of Theater Schools (APB) Festival held June 13-19 at Shanghai Theatre Academy in Shanghai, China; and the Inaugural Student Theater Festival of International Theater Institute (ITI)-Unesco's Network of Higher Education in the Performing Arts in Segovia, Spain, held July 13-23-that, in my mind, signal the shape of the theater to come.
My eyes couldn't believe the beauty and technique that the ancient Romans accomplished with the aqueduct bridge in Segovia, Spain.
Abel's first encounter with the Manganiyars was in Segovia, Spain, where two of these singers followed him everywhere, even at night, singing continuously till he fell asleep and again when he woke up.
And there are also three residential trips, with outdoor adventures for Year 4 and Year 5s and a trip to Segovia, Spain for those in Year 6.
At present, the team is training at the Los Angeles de San Rafael training ground in Segovia, Spain, and will take on Mumbai City FC in the opening game of the inaugural ISL at the Salt Lake Stadium on Oct 12.
team will also be competing at two events in Quebec and in Segovia, Spain this summer.
Periodontal thought leaders from both Europe and the United States participated in the workshop, which was held in Segovia, Spain, Nov.