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n.1.A descendant of Mohammed through his daughter Fatima and nephew Ali.
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After two introductory chapters, which discuss what an attempt at 'cognitive archaeology' for the Viking period would look like, and what the main problems are in investigating Viking magic (especially in its most celebrated form of seithr) there are three central chapters: the first examines seithr in fine and attentive detail; the second compares seithr with the Sami equivalent (if that is what it is) of noaidevuohta; and the third connects seithr and noaidevuohta with broader phenomenon of circumpolar shamanism.
Particular highlights include: a reasoned advocacy as to why archaeologists should concern themselves with written sources just as much as historians or literary scholars do; a penetrating account of the ways in which the study of Norse religion became dangerously entangled with Nazism in the course of the 20th century; a brilliant survey of the archaeology of seithr, with a particular emphasis on the apparent graves of volur or prophetesses; a lucid meditation of a good deal of specialist scholarship on shamanism the world over; a startling vindication of Ibn Fadlan as a prime witness to Scandinavian practices; and convincing re-evaluations of the nature and function of valkyrjur and berserkir.
In conclusion this is an exceptional book which deserves to establish itself immediately as essential reading for anyone interested in seithr, shamanism, the Sami, circumpolar religion, othinn, violence, warrior ideology or simply the Viking Age more generally.