carpe diem

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car·pe di·em

 (kär′pĕ dē′ĕm′, -əm, dī′-)
Used as an admonition to seize the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future.
Such an admonition.

[Latin : carpe, seize + diem, day.]

carpe diem

(ˈkɑːpɪ ˈdiːɛm)
enjoy the pleasures of the moment, without concern for the future
[literally: seize the day!]

car•pe di•em

(ˈkɑr pɛ ˈdi ɛm; Eng. ˈkɑr pi ˈdaɪ əm, ˈkɑr peɪ ˈdi əm)
Latin. seize the day; enjoy the present, without thought of the future.
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To seize the moment and show what I could do, so that they would say, "He's clever, though he is absurd," and.
19 (ANI): Visiting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has urged Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai to seize the moment of his second term as head of state to end government corruption.
If we truly want things to change quickly then we need to seize the moment and we need Gordon Brown and David Cameron to commit to the plan and to back my call to cancel MPs holidays.
We can cry and close our mind, be empty and turn our back, or we can do what Joe would want us to do: Smile, open your eyes, and seize the moment, love and go on.
Surely there is an overwhelming case for ditching Less-than-Super Mac while there is still time and getting in a manager who is less cosy with the set-up but can motivate and seize the moment.
We are assets to each other and need to be ready to seize the moment and sign up those eligible for membership when opportunity knocks.
Gordon Brown now has an opportunity as a new man in office to seize the moment.
I thought, This is a rare opportunity; I'm going to seize the moment and do it.
People are more likely to seize the moment because the handheld is so easy to use.
At their best, they can seize the moment and involve their members in community building that changes the course of history of a political jurisdiction.
Are we going to react to the changes out of fear or are we going to seize the moment as a possibility for renewal in God's mission.