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Noun1.Selaginellaceae - lesser club mosses: terrestrial chiefly tropical plants resembling mosses
fern family - families of ferns and fern allies
order Selaginellales, Selaginellales - in some classifications included in Lycopodiales
genus Selaginella, Selaginella - type and sole genus of the Selaginellaceae; evergreen moss-like plants: spike moss and little club moss
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Appendix Species list of ferns and lycophytes of the Valle del Mezquital, Hidalgo, Mexico Vegetation Taxonomic group type Substrate Lycopodiophyta Selaginellaceae 1.
Collection Species Site(s) Flora PHYLUM LYCOPODIOPHYTA SELAGINELLACEAE (Spike-Moss Family) Selaginella rupestris (L.
The families Aspleniaceae, Blechnacease Osmundaceae, and Selaginellaceae are represented by one genus and two species each.
492 Polypodiaceae Dipteris conjugata 493 Drynaria quercifolia 494 Microsorum sarawakensis 495 Platycerium coronarium 496 Polypodium verrucosum 497 Schizaceae Lygodium flexuosum 498 Lygodium microphyllum 499 Schizaea dichotoma 500 Selaginellaceae Selaginella sp.
Table 1 Comparison of the fern treatment in Correll & Cornell (1982) and our current understanding Correll & Correll Current classification Selaginellaceae Selaginella ealonii Hieron.
M A TE B TE C TE Pteris pellucida Baher ATR/M A TE B TE C TE Schizaeaceae Lygodium microphyllum M A TE Link B TE C TE Selaginellaceae Selaginella sp.
Plant less than 5 cm tall; strobili quadrangular (4 sided) and sessile Selaginellaceae (in part)
Other than the Pteridaceae, only the lycophyte family Selaginellaceae (Fig.
Such extremes are very rarely found in the same genus, and hence the family Selaginellaceae has been treated differently and sub-divided into myriad taxa by researchers (Spring, 1850; Braun, 1857; Baker, 1883; Hieronymus, 1901; Walton and Alston, 1938; Jermy, 1986).