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A drug of the SSRI class, C20H21FN2O, used in its hydrobromide form to treat depression.

[citalo- (from rearrangement of (ph)t(h)al(ene)c(arbon)i(trile), one of its constituents) + -pram, antidepressant suff. (pr(opyl) + am(ine)).]


n citalopram m
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But you know, Boris has been doing well on Selexa for years.
The event was attended by: Rachel, Jay and their daughter Carla Seneca, Entrepreneur Tovi Kitron, Architect Miri Lerner, Films4Change Member Michael Lindlay - Veterans for Peace, Films4Change Member Ina Tillman, Actress Saffron Ryan and her husband James, Human Rights Photographer Lucy O'Brian, Producer Chase Masterson, Actress Heidi Selexa and her father Scientist Richard Albers.
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