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Self-inflicted physical harm, such as cutting, that is not suicidal and is usually a response to stress or trauma. Also called self-harm, self-mutilation.
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People with severe autism, who are unable to communicate through words or body language, are apt to dramatic behavioural changes that include self injury, aggression, and running away.
I think self injury would have been a more predictable outcome.
What we don't know are the actual figures of self injury because self injury is generally a private act.
She offers a helpful formula for approaching subjects as sensitive as self injury.
On another Facebook group known as Self Injury, a 12-year-old calling herself Emilee bragged: "To see the blood running, we know that we must still be alive.
On September 22, 2009 VSNA sponsored a Mental Health Update: Caring for the Child and Adolescent at Risk for Self Injury Behavior and Suicide at Rutland Regional Medical Center.
While it is clear that extinction of the currently functional self injury is required, what treatment regimen is needed to increase the designated alternate behavior?
Not many people know that March1-as well as being St David's Day-is Self Injury Awareness Day," said Be than, who works at the DVLA in Swansea.
SIR - Not many people know that March 1, as well as being St David's Day, is Self Injury Awareness Day.
The reduction of self injury in two adolescents with profound retardation by the establishment of a supported routine.
Consider a hypothetical client's self injury that is currently serving an escape function that is mediated by staff.
Telephone facilities for prisoners have been consistently recommended by experts as a measure to assist in rehabilitation and prevent suicide and self injury generally.