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1. Limiting oneself or itself.
2. Self-limited.

self′-lim′i·ta′tion (-tā′shən) n.


1. limiting oneself or itself.
2. Also, self′-lim′ited. (of a disease) running a definite and limited course.
self′-limita′tion, n.
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Shaikh said a different strain of dengue virus is also responsible for chikunguniya that though is a self limiting conditon, however, does cause of morbidity among the sufferers.
The ailment is self limiting conditon, he said mentioning that prevention is prerequisite to counter severities consequent to the peculiar virus that has largely been controlled but can not be eradicated for good.
Professor Richard Lindzen and YS Choi's very recent peer-reviewed paper in Geophysical Research Letters, "On the determination of climate feedbacks from ERBE data", strongly suggests it is a negative feedback and that future global warming will thus be self limiting.
Customize Your Career is the breakthrough book that shows you how to shed self limiting notions of both yourself and the opportunities available to you, take charge of your life and career, and finally start doing what you must to achieve the life and career you both want and deserve.
A self limiting heater cable with a flunropolymer overjacket and grounded braid are sewn into the blanket while an insulated hat keeps the cylinder valve and regulator heated.