a.1.Centering in one's self.
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Researchers have developed self-centering frames with the goal of avoiding residual drifts.
Combination chucks; self-centering operation combined with independent jaw adjustment
The design benefit is that the "vee" shape of the head provides a self-centering action, which helps to maintain ideal line and grade.
Available with eight output options, the HTWM offers a self-centering, single-axis, thumbwheel actuator that provides linear change in voltage output in either direction from center.
The drills have a self-centering geometry to eliminate center drilling operations.
Self-centering geometry eliminates the need for center drilling operations.
Resilient seated butterfly valves offer high flow coefficients, ISO top mounting, a one-piece body with self-centering disc, and a selection of direct mount actuators and gear operators.
Areas covered include bridges, seismic isolation, passive protection devices, self-centering systems, and site effects and geotechnical aspects, as well as seismic behavior and vulnerability, lifelines, monitoring and testing, retrofitting, and structural dynamics.
Flex-Hone is a resilient, flexible honing tool with a soft cutting action that has a unique construction to allow the abrasive globules to float--ensuring the tool will be self-centering, self-aligning to the bore, and self-compensating for wear.
This size 15 modular encoder is self-aligning, self-centering, and self gapping and has a small axial length of 0.
has introduced a high performance, self-aligning, self-centering and self-gapping size 21 (2.