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n.1.The act of degrading one's self, or the state of being so degraded.
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What an appalling contribution this is to the sexualisation of our children, to the self-degradation of women and to all the social ills that flow from it-like teenage pregnancy.
But to those of us not asked to make a sacrifice in blood or treasure for this war, those of us whose duty has been limited to getting on with our lives and standing by while our constitutional rights drain away and our legislative branch continues its self-degradation, this war reverberates only as an echo of something awful happening some place far away.
With the ocean of booze, self-degradation and barely suppressed violence predictably came a chorus line of well-heeled sycophants.
His nurse, outwardly a respectable cover, was offering her own form of medication - regular doses of self-degradation to satisfy his sordid desires.
Indeed, we do know that the greatest self-confidence is that which enables us to give the other person his or her due, even if, for the moment, it appears as if we are acquiescing in our own self-degradation.
Artist and veteran figure within the black art community Betye Saar's now infamous letter, put in circulation last year when Kara Walker's MacArthur Award was announced, raised the question of how the community should react to whites subsidizing an "evil culture" of black self-degradation.
Boob operations, facelifts liposuction - they're all forms of self-degradation as ugly as using your tongue and eyebrows as a pincushion, or getting your body covered in tattoos.
As for the argument that marketing sexual services equates with self-degradation, Roberts points out that "a lot of people in the industry would say that actually, it's empowering.
Arlt's basic thematic obsessions, including betrayal and self-degradation, are clearly represented in the book's disaffected, daydreaming young protagonist.