a.1.Devised by one's self.
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But here, the increased use of a fast, chirping, self-devised street-speak, redundant of all known syntax and grammar, is defeating.
The first will draw upon the talents of Lebanon's university students, with several acts gathering to stage self-devised improv acts.
Her self-devised internship, in which she built a YouTube channel for Skidmore's dance department, helped her get hired at PNB.
Pete's self-devised one-man show is a celebration of the life and work of Bobby, a touching and heartfelt tribute to his immense In it, Pete also explores the two sides of Bobby Thompson - the brilliantly cheeky, public-facing Bobby everyone knew and loved as well as the private Bobby, a withdrawn man troubled by drink, gambling debts and the tax man.
In order to achieve fame, George threw himself into his self-devised program to create his own destiny, and became the most iconic figure in American history.
Using its own self-devised "Humor Index," the company gauged such criteria as likability, watchability and level of persuasion -- all of which were based on open-ended responses from online surveys.
I hope that my self-devised diet of a little delusion, a bit of 'rah rah' self-help positivity, a lot of laughter and a huge dollop of unquestioning faith will still work it's magic years from now allowing me to wake up happy and fall asleep the same way.
The Arts Council has dangled the prospect of restoring its regular funding after a year, subject to certain adaptations - but the company is reluctant to depart from what it sees as the purity of its self-devised model.
Ongoing small school reforms may help provide the personalization needed to make schooling relevant and engaging, but without self-devised personal learning plans, students will never attain the levels of autonomy, self-directedness, and responsibility that are crucial in the global age.
He wrote his because he got some advance money from a publisher, and I was driven by self-devised imperative--so it took me much longer.
newspaper The Guardian recently reported that French bus company Transports Schiocchet Excursions (TSE) is taking a group of domestic workers to court on the grounds that their self-devised carpooling initiative deprived the company of approximately 2 million euros (about $2.