a.1.Devouring one's self or itself.
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It's a realm of weird parables, impossible logics, self-devouring stories; a realm flooded with moonlight, at times lush, at times vacant.
Metaphysical thriller, meditation on mortality and chronicle of our self-devouring times, this kaleidoscopic novel crackles with the invention and wit.
The theological-ethical issue is how to step out of this hopeless, self-devouring process, and how to imagine and enact an alternative way in the world.
The title painting shows museum installers attaching a large painting of self-devouring dinosaurs to the wall, everything flattened in cosmic foregrounding.
Fridriksdottir's visual language weaves together private and collective myths: As with the self-devouring serpent, becoming and passing away, creation and destruction, are, from this perspective, seen as one.
But the lamb is also associated with a divided, self-devouring family, thus becoming a political allegory of the Spanish Civil War.
Contrived, not made, their music was a self-devouring silence.
Yet in its plea for a pause from the self-devouring rat race there are haunting moments of spiritual serenity.
You could not make a living writing literature, it seemed, but you could make a killing writing about literature for what Thomas Carlyle called "one boundless self-devouring Review" (90).
By nature more passive than Teach, Franz's Don and Nelson's Bobby still more than hold up their sides of this self-devouring triangle of resentment.