a.1.Having power to diffuse itself; diffusing itself.
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It ends in wonder, too, because the truth, as self-diffusive love, is wonderfull.
The key is Bonaventure's reception and reworking of a metaphysics that was unavailable to Anselm: Dionysius's idea of the bonum diffusivum sui, the self-diffusive good.
Second, they adopted the theory that light (quintessence) was essentially self-diffusive, and argued that the human body contained enough of this substance to account for its intrinsic growth.
Stephen appears to swoon into female genitalia, and perhaps participate in an infinitely self-diffusive female orgasm.
appropriations the poet makes in his self-diffusive, solipsistic act of
20) Bonaventure, therefore, uses the notion of self-diffusive goodness and personal love to distinguish the persons of the Trinity as a communion of persons-in-love.
7) LaCugna claimed that "Rahner's theology of self-communication appears to have roots in Bonaventure's vision of the self-diffusive God.
Based on the self-diffusive nature of the Father to express himself in the Son/Word, I maintain that creation is always a finite expression of the infinite Word of God.
The Trinity according to Bonaventure, is marked by dynamic self-diffusive goodness, a goodness which is communicative and expressive.
For insight into Bonaventure's metaphysics of the self-diffusive good, see Ilia Delio, "Bonaventure's Metaphysics of the Good," Theological Studies 60 (1999) 228-46.
The main source of his Neoplatonism, however, was not the Neoplatonists per se but the writings of Augustine and the Pseudo-Dionysius from whom he derived the notion of God as the self-diffusive good.
Small books may miss some nuances: Thomas actually corrects Pseudo-Dionysius's notion of self-diffusive goodness while retaining the language; his theology is not realty an "anti-doctrine" since he is a positive as well as negative theologian; and his view of the beatific vision is not entirely free of Platonist dualist influences.