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Self-inflicted physical harm, such as cutting, that is not suicidal and is usually a response to stress or trauma. Also called self-harm, self-mutilation.
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From 2001 to 2008, the overall weighted, age-adjusted rate of self-inflicted injury showed no statistically significant trend upward or downward, reported Dr.
Meanwhile, the rates of self-inflicted injury for males were stable across all time periods and age groups.
This was followed by bivariate analysis according to the cases of self-inflicted injury and other cases of violence attended in the studied emergency medical services by the following variables that were pertinent to the statistical modeling: age; gender; race/skin color; years of education, area of residence; and ingestion of alcoholic beverage in the six hours prior to the event.
The rate of emergency department visits for a self-inflicted injury increased from 1.
FX network has launched the new TV series based on the Adam Sandler-Jack Nicholson movie with the same name, starring Sheen alongside Selma Blair, as a baseball player-turned-unconventional anger therapist, who changed gigs after a self-inflicted injury forced him out of the game.
We didn't know whether it was murder or a self-inflicted injury," he said.
The British Medical Association is less concerned about finance than about the vast medical resources that have to be diverted into what amounts to self-inflicted injury.
Fewer than 10 percent of suicides were by youths under age 25, but the highest rate of self-inflicted injury was among young women age 15 to 24.
Medical writer Rob Stepney, whose analysis of the Ambridge statistics was published in the British Medical Journal, said: "The proportion of deaths due to accidental or self-inflicted injury is sevenfold greater than expected on the basis of national data.
Kolestani who was weak and hospitalized from an injury to the head," public defenders wrote, referring to a self-inflicted injury Kolestani received when she shot herself in the head after shooting Kababian.
The NEISS definition of a self-inflicted injury (confirmed or suspected) is: "Injury or poisoning resulting from a deliberate violent act inflicted on oneself with the intent to take one's own life or with the intent to harm oneself.
He returned there briefly after the attacks before walking three miles to Abercynon, where police found him bare-chested, his face splattered with the victim's blood and suffering a self-inflicted injury to a knee.