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A city of south-central Alabama west of Montgomery. A Confederate arsenal during the Civil War, it was the site of a major battle in April 1865. In 1965, a drive to register local voters, led by Martin Luther King, Jr., culminated in a protest march from Selma to Montgomery (March 21-25).


(ˈsɛl mə)

a city in central Alabama, on the Alabama River: voting rights demonstrations led by Martin Luther King, Jr., 1965. 26,684.
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Noun1.Selma - a town in central Alabama on the Alabama river; in 1965 it was the center of a drive to register Black voters
Alabama, Camellia State, Heart of Dixie, AL - a state in the southeastern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War
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One morning in July, 1854, a planter named Williamson, living six miles from Selma, Alabama, was sitting with his wife and a child on the veranda of his dwelling.
Louis and New Orleans--it was near Selma, Missouri--was probably the highest mountain in the world.
Crowded around television sets, the Selma demonstrators cheered the president's declaration.
Crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge at the edge of Selma, they were confronted by a mass of helmeted state troopers with strict orders from Alabama Governor George Wallace: Don't let the group get any farther.
The star is Britain's David Oyelowo as Martin Luther King who, in the spring of 1965, plans to lead a march through the deeply-racist town of Selma, Alabama.
While there are lingering doubts about the historical accuracy of Selma, the emotional wallop the film delivers is beyond question.
Selon des sources a Nidaa Tounes citees par le quotidien Al Maghreb, le parti a ete surpris par la nomination de Selma Elloumi au detriment de Saida Garrache qui etait pressentie pour occuper un poste ministeriel en tant que secretaire d'Etat.
Depuis sa creation en 2005, la Fondation Lalla Selma de lutte contre le cancer oeuvre, avec l'ensemble de ses partenaires, a faire de la lutte contre le cancer une priorite de sante publique au Maroc et dans la region.
During the post-screening Q&A, 74-year-old Congressman John Lewis, sharing the stage with DuVernay and Oyelowo, described the surreal experience of seeing himself onscreen as a civil rights activist in his 20s--a far cry from his days growing up a few miles from Selma, where "when we went to the theater, as young black children, we had to go upstairs to the balcony.
It's not often that Oprah Winfrey produces and takes a part in a film, but she's doing so in Selma.
Neither of them made it through high school," says playwright Catherine Filloux, whose Selma '65--a dramatization of the lives of these two people and the singular event that connected them--is slated for a Sept.