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 (sĕ-mā′) or Sem·i·pa·la·tinsk (sĕm′ē-pə-lä′tĭnsk)
A city of northeast Kazakhstan on the Irtysh River southeast of Omsk, Russia. Founded as a fortress in 1718, it is a port and processing center.
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Karazhyra is one of the richest coal deposits in Kazakhstan, located in Zhanasemey district of the East Kazakhstan region, 130 km south-west of the city of Semey.
Concerning "Nurly Zhol" program implementation, he said, that the 2nd stage of the construction of 500kW Shulbinskaya Hydroelectric power station (in Semey city)-Aktogay-Taldy-Korgan-Alma will be finished.
Dzungaria--Falck's assistant Bardanes skirted the edge of Dzungaria in Semey, s29).
En otra parte del mundo fue creada la Zona Libre de Armas Nucleares de Asia Central, tambien conocida como Tratado de Semipalatinsk o Tratado de Semey, mismo que fue firmado el 8 de septiembre de 2006 y entro en vigor el 21 de marzo de 2009.
3 million-equivalent) will finance the modernisation of street lighting systems in the cities of Ust-Kamenogorsk and Semey in East Kazakhstan Region.
Mussinov thanked the Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani for the decision to build a rehabilitation center for the victims of nuclear tests in Semey and secondary school in Astana.
Genev, 26, who started his career with Levski Sofia, has signed a deal until the end of the season after leaving Kazakhstan club Spartak Semey and could be pitched in for a debut against Hamilton Accies tomorrow.
Semey town is situated in the western part of East-Kazakhstan oblast, and lies on both banks of the Irtysh River.
HIV/AIDS Awareness and risk behaviour among students in Semey, Kazakhstan: a cross-sectional survey, BMC International Health and Human Rights, 2008:14.
I spent the winter term of 2010 in Semey, Kazakhstan, on a Fulbright grant teaching at a small teacher-training institute, the Semey State Pedagogical Institute (SSPI), which is the equivalent of a four-year college in the United States.
The 'Atom Project' has been launched in advance of the UN-sanctioned International Day Against Nuclear Tests and the international conference 'From a Nuclear Test Ban to a Nuclear-Weapons- Free World' that was held in Astana and Semey, Kazakhstan (August 27-30, 2012).