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Green tea whose leaves have been steamed to prevent oxidation, rolled, and then dried, typically producing a bright yellowish-green infusion.

[Japanese (literally, "decocted tea," since sencha is steeped in a teapot, unlike matcha, the form of tea more common in Japan until the 18th century, which is mixed with hot water in the bowl from which it is drunk) : sen, to simmer, decoct, steep (from Middle Chinese tsian, to fry in shallow oil, simmer) + cha, tea; see chanoyu.]
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First, we optimized a method to lower the level of caffeine in Sencha tea leaves, while retaining theanine and other components, by using a hot-water treatment (Maeda-Yamamoto et al, 2007).
accompanied by New Zealand Pacifica and the Aramis variety from France Provide a spicy, herbal hop character that blends welt with the herbal and grassy Sencha tea flavors, -[he very late addition of Japanese Sorachi Ace hops provide even more spicy and citrus hop notes.
Whether a hanging basket in a shape of a crescent moon (Image 1), sweets bowl in the shape of a shell (Image 2), a serving dish (Image 3), side-handled sencha tea pot with accompanying water cooler and five cups (Image 4), or a used water container with emerging frog (Image 5), the works each engage and enliven the senses of sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing via handling Rengetsu's ceramics, consuming the food and drinks they serve and reading the poetic words aloud scribed on the object's surface.
Master distiller Desmond Payne added Japanese sencha tea and Chinese green tea (Beefeater's founder was a prominent tea merchant) to the botanical mix.
I tried Chinese green tea as an accompaniment then thought about using it as a botanical, then grapefruit peel and Japanese Sencha tea which just gave it that last dimension.
The teabags come in six varieties including: African Sunset Red Tea, Alpine Berry Flavored Black Tea, Asian Green Sencha Tea, Fujian Pearl White Tea, Tropical Temptation Herbal Tea Infusion and Twilight Ceylon Tea.
Rare Japanese Sencha Tea, Chinese Green Tea and Spanish Grapefruit Peel Yield a Hand-Crafted Spirit of Extraordinary Sophistication and Flavor
Clipper has brought out Sencha Tea, a Japanese-style green tea, while Only Natural Products has launched Dr Stuart's Genmaicha, made with Japanese green tea and organic roasted brown rice.
NATURAL LOOK: A bunch of Chamomile on show at the Sencha tea room in Newcastle's Nelson Street.
BrightWay's MachaMill (Price: $49) mills green Sencha tea into a fine powder that allows the tea to dissolve in hot water.
Dragon Well, another Chinese tea, has a nice aroma and a delicate flavor; Sencha, from Japan, is light in color, yet rich in the cup; and lastly, Genmaicha is a Sencha tea that has been blended with toasted and popped rice.