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1. A region of western Africa watered by the Senegal and Gambia Rivers.
2. A confederation of Senegal and Gambia (1982-1989) intended to promote cooperation between the two countries in matters of foreign policy, security, and economic affairs. Senegal dissolved the confederation when Gambia refused to move closer toward union.

Sen′e·gam′bi·an adj.


(Placename) a region of W Africa, between the Senegal and Gambia Rivers: now mostly in Senegal


(ˌsɛn ɪˈgæm bi ə)

1. a region in W Africa between the Senegal and Gambia rivers, now mostly in Senegal.
2. a former (1982–89) confederation of Senegal and the Gambia.
Sen`e•gam′bi•an, adj.
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23) The theatre tradition was lively during this era, and in general, African American playwrights had been probing their imagination for ways to capture more ancient African traditions in their work as early as 1898 with Senegambian Carnival and other works such as Sultan of Zulu (1900), In Dahomey (1902), and Abyssinia (1908).
The megaliths of the Senegambian area near the Atlantic coast are characterised by upright blocks or pillars of laterite, carefully worked to a smooth surface.
In August 1989, Senegalese-Gambian military cooperation, which began with the joint Senegalese-Gambian efforts during the 1981 coup attempt, ceased with the dissolution of the Senegambian Confederation.
35) They cite no firm evidence, which is not surprising because Alice enjoyed Clorindy with the irreproachable Victoria Earle Matthews and apparently took her mother to Williams and Walker's Senegambian Carnival.
However, the exile of Dom Antonio, the claimant to the Portuguese throne, gave an unexpected impetus to the resumption of the Guinea or rather the Senegambian slave trade.
The beautiful Ramata is after all a child of the Senegambian coast and hinterland, home to populations of Diola, Wolof, Tukulor, Serere and Lebou migrants with surviving folk memories from Ancient Egypt and Sudan in the Nile valley.
In order to construct a political economy of the institutions of health care in the Senegambian region of West Africa, Keita (history, Villanova U.
Mitochondrial portrait of the Cabo Verde archipelago: the Senegambian outpost of Atlantic slave trade.
Many compared rappers to griots--the mythmakers, genealogists, praise singers, oral historians and social critics of Senegambian society.
Cartwright develops his argument in three sections, each with three chapters, that deal with "three Africa-informed currents in American literature: 1) epic-like narratives of African ancestry by Americans of African descent; 2) folk-infused, fabulous narratives by white Americans revealing Afro-Creole cultural descent; and 3) Africanist, gothic-historicist narratives by Americans responding to the literacy and scriptural religion of Senegambian Muslims" (3).
The Senegambian African king whom the Portuguese met in 1458 is Nyomimansa, not Nomimansa.