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Very particularly would I thank Senhor Penalosa and other officials of the Brazilian Government for the special arrangements by which we were helped upon our way, and Senhor Pereira of Para, to whose forethought we owe the complete outfit for a decent appearance in the civilized world which we found ready for us at that town.
He was a Portuguese of sixty or thereabouts, Senhor Joaquin Santos by name; at first it was incredible to me that he had no title, so noble was his bearing; but very soon I realized that he was one of those to whom adventitious honors can add no lustre.
So the religious cast of Senhor Santos was brought twice home to me in the same moment, though, to be sure, I had often been struck by it before.
On first arriving it was our custom to unsaddle the horses and give them their Indian corn; then, with a low bow, to ask the senhor to do us the favour to give up something to eat.
After three days' travelling we arrived at Socego, the estate of Senhor Manuel Figuireda, a relation of one of our party.
Senhor Manuel was then making a canoe 70 feet in length from a solid trunk, which had originally been 110 feet long, and of great thickness.
4) Torga tambien recupera otros generos y subgeneros tradicionales en varios de sus libros de cuentos: la fabula en "Cega-Rega"; las canciones populares en "O Senhor Estrela e a Mulher", "A Promessa" y "A Vindima"; los autos sacramentales y navidenos en "A resurreicao" y "Desencanto"; las letanias en "A ladainha"; los textos liturgicos en "Musica
Senhor Barroso, not elected by anyone, wrung his hands over the rise of "populist" political parties, like Ukip.
Trata-se da expressao de uma dinamica social que se traduz na inversao das posicoes: o costureiro de haute couture passa da posicao de inferioridade para a de superioridade, enquanto o senhor de alta condicao passa a ser cliente.
O debate que ele, como autor, travou ao mesmo tempo com a sociedade norte-americana e a esquerda latino-americana tomou forma no romance O Senhor Embaixador, publicado em 1965, em ingles e portugues.
Initially, the celebrations in honor of Senhor do Bonfim were carried out on moveable dates.
Pensando nisso, tente descobrir por que ele teve uma breve, louca alegria, quando ouvira o medico dizer--O senhor esta desenganado.