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A river, about 1,125 km (700 mi) long, of northern Papua New Guinea.


(ˈseɪ pɪk)
a river in N Papua New Guinea, on the NE part of the island of New Guinea. 600 mi. (966 km) long.
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To him, Sepik expressions were crude, vulgar, uncontrolled.
Exploring Prehistory on the Sepik Coast of Papua New Guinea Edited by John Edward Terrell and Esther M.
The outbreak spread within the province and then to Madang and East Sepik Provinces along the northwest coast.
The South Pacific Connections Ltd property is reportedly comprised of exploration license ELA 1857 and is located south of Wewak in East Sepik Province.
Case 1: In a remote mission station in Nuku, West Sepik Province, the sister-in-charge and her nursing aides were told about a young woman who had carried a child and had had great difficulty in delivering the placenta.
Men like the Sepik man Bago, the scouts Amagumi, Koigi and the extraordinary Ungor of Goru.
Mead married Reo Fortune and conducted fieldwork with him along the Sepik River.
Rumsey's introduction maps out the differences in mythical emplacement between three particular Melanesian areas (Morehead River, the middle Sepik and southern Vanuatu), but compares them to a somewhat generic account of the Australian 'dreaming', drawn from Strehlow's Aranda material, and work with Ngarinyin people in the Kimberley region.
The hunter-gatherers from the upper reaches of the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea use five basic colour terms, but do not distinguish between blue and green.
Except for Milne Bay, Manus, Eastern Highlands, Western Highlands, Enga, New Ireland, Bougainville and East Sepik, most provincial council do not have an office or staff and so communicating with provincial councils can be a problem.
A Tokyo-sponsored medical team arrived in Wewak in the country's West Sepik Province for a two-week mission Wednesday evening and started operations at the Wewak hospital, Furukawa said.