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n.1.(Law) One who sequesters property, or takes the possession of it for a time, to satisfy a demand out of its rents or profits.
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But playing bank sequestrator Stella Moon will launch her to much wider fame and Alex is already wondering how she can fit that in with becoming a mother before it's too late.
Hoogstraten said pounds 30 million of his pounds 95 million fortune had been seized by the sequestrator and the rest has been frozen by the High Court.
It was still a decade or so before the sequestrators hovered round Scott's extravaganza, Abbotsford House, but again LEL was writing retrospectively, and in her portrait of Lucy Bertram she observes of her father, the master of Ellangowan, 'What a picture is that of the old man, seated for the last time in his arm-chair, removed from its accustomed place by the fireside, to the sunny bank, waiting to leave the home of his forefathers'.
First of all, I had no idea that sequestrators worked outside office hours.
com/articles/168228/Tensions+Rise+as+Bulgaria+Police+Enter+TV7+Studios">police operation that aimed to assist court-appointed sequestrators in seizing electronic equipment at the headquarters and studios of the private TV channel.