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a.1.Relating to the lake of Serbonis in Egypt, which by reason of the sand blowing into it had a deceptive appearance of being solid land, but was a bog.
A gulf profound as that Serbonian bog . . .
Where armies whole have sunk.
- Milton.
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He climbed and descended precipices on which vulgar mortals tremble to look; he passed marshes like the Serbonian bog,* where armies whole have sunk; he forded rivers where the current roared like the Egre or the Severn; or ventured himself on bridges that trembled under him, from which he looked down on foaming whirlpools, or dreadful abysses; he wandered over houseless heaths, amidst all the rage of the elements, with the snow driving in his face, and the tempest howling in his ears.
Beyond this flood a frozen Continent Lies dark and wilde, beat with perpetual storms Of Whirlwind and dire Hail, which on firm land Thaws not, but gathers heap, and ruin seems Of ancient pile; all else deep snow and ice, A gulf profound as that SERBONIAN Bog Betwixt DAMIATA and mount CASIUS old, Where Armies whole have sunk: the parching Air Burns frore, and cold performs th' effect of Fire.
Scales, Man, God and the Serbonian Bog: The Evolution of Accidental Death Insurance, 86 IOWA L.
The Serbonian Bog: The Legal Relations of the United States and China.
210) Cases arising out of oil and gas operations on the Continental Shelf can be removed even though the pleading in state court does not refer to the OCSLA, because the well-pleaded complaint rule does not apply in the situation of the express grant of jurisdiction in the OCSLA: "In determining federal court jurisdiction, we need not traverse the Serbonian Bog of the well pleaded complaint rule because [section] 23 of OCSLA expressly invests jurisdiction in the United States District Courts.
Richmond, Drunk in the Serbonian Bog: Intoxicated Drivers' Deaths as Insurance Accidents, 32 SEATTLE U.
The Serbonian Bog consisted in those institutions that swallow up intellect, morality, imagination, sound learning, beauty, humor, good books, true diversity, religion, academic freedom, wise teachers, and lively students.
police power as the "sophistic Miltonian Serbonian Bog").
Without venturing into the Serbonian bog which surrounds the chronology, authorship, and provenance of the Henry VI plays, Lawrence Manley, "From Strange's Men to Pembroke's Men: 2 Henry VI and The First Part of the Contention," SQ 54 (2003): 253-87, claims that "a substantial body of opinion maintains that the Folio text [of 2 Henry VI] derives from a playscript originally either performed or intended for performance by Strange's Men and which had been edited and censored over time.
The historian who wishes to advance a case about honor enters a Serbonian bog of interpretive difficulties.
Centuries later, the American Founding Fathers followed British parliamentary procedure in choosing a site for their new nation's capital at the edge of a malarious swamp, later referred to as "A Mud-hole Equal to the Great Serbonian Bog.