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Noun1.Serdica - capital and largest city of Bulgaria located in western BulgariaSerdica - capital and largest city of Bulgaria located in western Bulgaria
Bulgaria, Republic of Bulgaria - a republic in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe
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Then come nationalist VMRO, the Serdica coalition backed by Bulgarian President (2002-2012) Georgi Parvanov's ABV party, nationalist Ataka party, the Glas Naroden ("Vox Populi") movement of musician Svetlyo Vitkov, Movement 21, the Greens, and the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria (NFSB).
The object of the contract includes the execution of works in three (3) lots Lot 1 with subject: Exhibiting and socialization of the Triangular Tower of Serdica.
Khan, Warped product semi-slant submanifolds of a Sasakian manifold, Serdica Math.
The contemporary architecture of government buildings and public parks is starkly set off with pieces of walls and boulders that were laid by men thousands of years ago -- the Romans built the historical city of Serdica on the ground on which Bulgaria's capital now stands.
Should you find the treasure map, consider a step up in your Christmas gift budget, perhaps to the acquisition of shoes at the Hoegl store in Serdica Mall or take a whirl on the newest (and much-advertised on television) product on the motor market in Bulgaria, a Great Wall car - according to the local website, prices range from just less than 16 000 leva for the compact Voleex C10 to the somewhat more lavish Steed 5, at 24 499 leva plus VAT.
The latest excavations are basically an extension of the earlier ones, and are exposing more and more of Ulpia Serdica, a Roman town -and important crossing point between Europe and Asia for thousands of years - that stretches right beneath the government quarter in downtown Sofia.
The well-preserved building must have belonged to a noble citizen of Serdica," explained archeologist Mario Ivanov from the Bulgarian Academy of Science.
In addition, the discussion in chapter nine of the failed council of Serdica in 342 C.
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PETRUCHEV, Approximation classes for adaptive methods, Serdica Math.
Basil begins his letter of 358, which was written in response to the Sirmium 357 Creed, by identifying four creedal authorities that he thinks best express the church's faith: the Creed of Constantinople 336, the Dedication Creed of Antioch 341, Serdica 343, and Sirmium 351.
We walk along the twice-baked clay cobblestones that give the streets their yellow hue and peer into unearthed remnants of the Roman city of Serdica, circa 300 AD (Emperor Constantine called the city amy Rome.