Serengeti National Park

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Noun1.Serengeti National Park - a national park in Tanzania created in 1951 to protect the wildlife
Serengeti, Serengeti Plain - a vast plain in Tanzania to the west of the Great Rift Valley known for its wildlife
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He said thousands of hippos, elephants, wildebeests, and buffaloes have migrated to Serengeti park in Tanzania after several streams and water dams within the Mara dried up.
Rolling on grass in the blazing heat is the mane attraction for this pair on the plains of Tanzania's Serengeti park.
During the first week, they visited the spot where Roger died, close to north Tanzania's Serengeti Park.
The foal was born at the Serengeti Park zoo, in Hodenhagen, a few weeks after Malte took the so-called zelfie with the adult zebra.