Series motor

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1.(Elec.) A series-wound motor.
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Tenders are invited for Electrical equipments DC Series Motor coupled with mechanical load,DC Shunt Motor 2 HP, 220 volts with mechanical load .
10pm at the A470 Merthyr Tydfil, northbound at Llwyn Onn, a fatal road traffic collision occurred between a white BMW 1 series motor vehicle and a red Yamaha R6 motorcycle which were both travelling north.
The AMP-200 Series general electrical and AMP-300 Series motor maintenance clamps offer a complete range of measuring functions
The engine is the tried and tested and the fuel efficient K- series motor and the manual transmission is good.
Paul Armstrong and Craig Tombs had only been back on the streets for three months when they were caught taking the BMW 5 Series motor from outside a house in Solihull on the night of April 4.
At a screening of Ovation's new original series Motor City Rising held at Detroit's Cobo Center, Ovation and Comcast Cable jointly announced their co-sponsorship of a program that provides transportation grants to arts and cultural organizations for schools throughout the state of Michigan.
After the simulation, the best results were obtained by the IG 22 series motor, which had the following output data: b = 2.
5- to 20-hp configurations and in operating speeds from 3,600 to 18,000 rpm, the KN/KC series motor offers a high overload capacity while providing constant torque under fuji operational Load.
But he was wearing a grim face when he made an emotional television appeal for the scoundrels who'd pinched his daughter's Yorkshire terriers Gizmo and Widget from her flash BMW5 series motor.
And, as well as buying the sports car, Alex has bought a swanky new BMW 7 series motor.
Raser said it also presented a new P-2 series motor based on Symetron technology that the company believes "may be ideal for use in next-generation hybrid trucks and heavy vehicles that require integrated starter generators for commercial and military use.
BMW: A 5 Series motor is perfectly crafted out of ink.