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However, more interestingly, by 1900, the masthead has changed from an Old-English style typeface to a much more modern serif typeface.
The use of the serif typeface Trajan for the essays only strengthens this impression.
Construction work revealed a handcrafted sign, painted on wood, which reads '& SON RAILWAY AND STEAMSHIP PASSENGER AGENTS' in a serif typeface.
Clearly differentiate saleable merchandise from display items meant for testing with Qosmedix clear rectangular labels that visibly read "Tester" in a legible sans serif typeface.
The thin serif typeface your designer chose is big enough, but not quite bold enough to read with -- or without -- my spectacles.
In the case of El mundo this choice is alternated with a headline in Sans Serif typeface.
In 1957, New York designer George Salomon sent the city an unsolicited proposal for an integrated (and quite fetching) signage system based on the elegant sans serif typeface Futura and some unmissable fat directional arrows.
The use of slab serif typeface has become common in newspapers and other print publications.
Use a sans serif typeface, such as Helvetica, that is not condensed.
2005) showed that in comparing six different typefaces (unmodified) in 7-point type on sample over-the-counter medication inserts and labels, the participants preferred a sans serif typeface (Adsans).
The page header includes the topic title, and the footer frequently includes quotes, in the same brick-red in a Thesis Serif typeface.
The short answer is that I don't actually have anything particular against them-but I prefer a good serif typeface on screen as well as on paper.