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Noun1.Seriola - a genus of CarangidaeSeriola - a genus of Carangidae    
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Carangidae, family Carangidae - large family of narrow-bodied marine food fishes with widely forked tails; chiefly of warm seas
amberfish, amberjack - any of several amber to coppery fork-tailed warm-water carangid fishes
Seriola dorsalis, yellowtail - game fish of southern California and Mexico having a yellow tail fin
banded rudderfish, Seriola zonata, rudderfish - fish having the habit of following ships; found in North American and South American coastal waters
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Seriola chloris = Chloroscombrus chrysurus (Linnaeus): Atlantic Bumper; p.
Similar results have also been reported in sunfish, Lepomis gibbosus (Benke and Murphy, 1974); in Danio rerio (Ansari and Kumar, 1984), Seriola dumerilli (Jebali et al.
A small-mesh drift gillnet fishery operates off southern California targeting white seabass, Atractoscion nobilis; yellowtail, Seriola lalandi; barracuda, Sphyraena argentea; and tuna species.