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Noun1.Seriphus - a genus of SciaenidaeSeriphus - a genus of Sciaenidae    
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Sciaenidae, Sciaenidae - warm-water marine fishes including the drums and grunts and croakers and sea trout
queenfish, Seriphus politus, white croaker - silvery and bluish drumfish of shallow California coastal waters
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Annual variations in fecundity, egg size, and the gonadal and somatic conditions of queenfish Seriphus politus (Sciaenidae).
When the youth then eludes capture by applying geometrical principles to his situation, "soaring upward a perpendicular mile or so" and, "at that height," making "a straight course" for King Polydectes on Seriphus, he proves that his double exposure to science through Quicksilver and Athena has led him to the path of self-direction (30, 31).
The slave of imperial Despotism, whether he was condemned to drag his gilded chain in Rome and the senate, or to wear out a life of exile on the barren rock of Seriphus, or the frozen banks of the Danube, expected his fate in silent despair.
The vessel was washed up on the island of Seriphus, where Perseus spent his youth.
Zeus caused the waves to carry them to the isle of Seriphus, where Dictys, a fisherman and the brother of King Polydectes, rescued them.
1988 pulchripinnis (lemon tetra, Characidae) Lepomis gibbosus Fox and Crivelli, 1998 (pumpkinseed, Centrarchidae) Pogonias cromis Nieland and Wilson, 1993 (black drum, Sciaenidae) Seriphus politus DeMartini and Fountain, 1981 (queenfish, Sciaenidae) Stegastes partitus Cole and Sadovy, 1995 (bicolor damselfish, Pomacentridae) Tilapia zillii Coward and Bromage, 1999 (redbelly tilapia, Cichlidae) (1) Crabtree, R.
Size Seriphus politus DeMartini and (Ayers)# 5,000-90,000 Fountain 1981 305 mm TL Genyonemus lineatus (Ayers)# 800-37,200 Love et al.
delicatissima were best described by a linear relationship and one species, Seriphus politus, was best described by an exponential function.
Ovarian cycling frequency and batch fecundity in the queenfish, Seriphus politus--attributes representative of serial spawning fishes.
We describe a new species of the sciaenid genus Seriphus based on this specimen.