Eptesicus serotinus

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Noun1.Eptesicus serotinus - common brown bat of EuropeEptesicus serotinus - common brown bat of Europe    
vespertilian bat, vespertilionid - a variety of carnivorous bat
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There is a known serotine bat nursery roost close to Pentwyn Farm Reserve so there may be sightings - or hearings - of one of the mammals.
Mitochondrial DNA signatures at different spatial scales: from the effects of the Straits of Gibraltar to population structure in the meridional serotine bat (Eptesicus isabellinus).
The serotine bat (Eptesicus serotinus) is considered the main reservoir for European bat lyssavirus type 1 (EBLV1).
EBLV type 1 (EBLV-1) is found throughout mainland Europe and principally associated with the Serotine bat (Eptesicus serotinus) (3).
All recent serotine bat specimens clustered with genotype 5 (EBLV1) sequences, and homologies within subgenotypes EBLV1a and EBLV1b were 99.
On February 1, I received the bat for evaluation and determined it to be a Serotine bat (Eptesicus serotinus), which is similar to the Big Brown Bat (E.