Serra da Estrela

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Serra da Es·tre·la

 (dä ĕs-trĕl′ə, ĕsh-)
A mountain range of central Portugal including the highest elevation, 1,993 m (6,539 ft), in the country.
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Contract awarded for The contract for the provision of organization and production services project entre serras - contemporary art, Agriculture and biodiversity (1st phase - estrela, Gardunha and malcata), Specifically includes: production of artistic artwork "pirilampos" by erikh samahk and in the specific points of the serra do aor, Serra da estrela, Serra da gardunha and serra da malcata, Ensuring: A.
1985): "The effect of human activities during cultural phases on the development of montane vegetation in the Serra da Estrela, Portugal", Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 44, pp.
Por ejemplo, el genotipo BB tiende a mostrar una mayor produccion de leche en comparacion con los genotipos AA y AB de las razas Massese y Sarda (8), mientras que Ramos y colaboradores (13) encontraron un resultado diferente para las razas Serra da Estrela y Merino, con una mayor produccion de leche para los genotipos AB y BB.
A Serra da Estrela e a Cova da Beira sao outras regioes que associam o efeito negativo da combinacao de industrias com o de outros fatores locais, embora nestes casos, isso aconteca com os trabalhadores mais novos e nao tanto com os mais velhos.
On Sunday, the old men of this sleepy, central Portuguese hamlet, nestled at the base of the Serra da Estrela mountain range, sat around the town square looking at a ten-foot tall, digital countdown clock.
For white wine enthusiasts, Wine Down Wednesday (WDW) offers a premium selection, including Spain's 2007 Serra Da Estrela Abarino, an aromatic lemon white wine tasting of apricot and pear, and, for sports fans, a 2005 Wayne Gretzky Estates No.
In the Sistema Central it has two small populations in the sierra de Tormantos; another two small populations in the sierra de Bejar; a single population with small subpopulations scarcely separated by a few tens of metres in the Sierra de Francia, and a single population in the Portuguese Serra da Estrela.
Last autumn, when I heard about a small transhumance event in the Covada Beira plains beneath the Gardunha and Serra da Estrela mountain ranges in central Portugal, I hopped on a plane and entered my dreams.
Civil protection authority officials said that the wildfires had flared up near south-western Sintra, close to the northern border with Spain and in the central Serra da Estrela natural park.
The Serra da Estrela and Serra do Caramulo mountains, which are also in close proximity, provide the ideal destination for skiing in the winter and hiking or walking in the summer.
The bryophyte flora of the natural park of Serra da Estrela (Portugal): Conservation and Biogeographical approaches.