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Noun1.musculus serratus anterior - muscles that rotate the scapula and elevate the rib cagemusculus serratus anterior - muscles that rotate the scapula and elevate the rib cage
serratus, serratus muscles - any of several muscles of the trunk
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The swinging leg supports this by a quick and powerful pulling up (gracilis muscle and hamstring) as well as the swinging of both arms (deltaic muscle, serratus anterior muscle, and wide dorsal muscle) (Struder, Jonath & Scholz, 2013).
An anatomical study of the role of the long thoracic nerve and the related scapular bursae in the pathogenesis of local paralysis of the serratus anterior muscle.
The major bursae are, the scapulothoracic bursa which is located between the posterior chest wall and the serratus anterior muscle and subscapular bursa which is located between the subscapularis and serratus anterior muscles (Fig.
1) The serratus anterior muscle is frequently a site of local paresis and presents a hurdle for therapy creating an inability to produce and maintain proper shoulder mechanics and muscular endurance.
We have studied the variations in distribution of its branches in males and females and site of termination into branches to serratus anterior muscle and latissimus dorsi muscle.
The serratus anterior muscle enables full abduction and flexion of the arm and sacrificing it will lead to "winging" of the scapula.
1] With regard to rugby players, in a study to define muscle-activation patterns in selected shoulder girdle muscles during a front-on tackle in asymptomatic subjects,'91 a consistently earlier activation of the serratus anterior muscle was observed prior to impact, compared with the pectoralis major, biceps brachii, latissimus dorsi and infraspinatus.
strengthening exercises for the serratus anterior muscle standing 50 centimetres away from the wall and pushing his hands on the wall at shoulder level, flexing the elbows and returning to the starting position, with 5 series of 15 repetitions for each session.
Long thoracic nerve dysfunction leading to weakness or complete paralysis of the serratus anterior muscle is the commonest cause.
The problem: A weak serratus anterior muscle Fix it: Sit upright in a chair with your hands next to your hips, palms down on the seat, and keep your arms straight.
SUMMARY: While dissecting the body of a 59 years old male cadaver we observed "abnormal" branching pattern of the axillary artery and unusual vascular pedicles of the serratus anterior muscle.