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a.1.Capable of being served.
2.Capable of being preserved.
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We have used the Vortex package to quickly analyse data obtained from individual program series, helping to unearth trends not easily servable without the advanced visualisation, data clustering and data pivoting capabilities.
The Love Food Hate Waste organization has creative recipes to turn food scraps into servable meals.
It describes what is ob servable about religion as a human and superhuman phenomenon.
It can stay at this servable stage in the freezer for 3-4 hours, but after that the ice goes solid.
The composite has created a new balance sheet with zero bank loans' principal due during the coming 3 years, servable debt ratios and a cash balance which will enable quick execution on synergistic business opportunities.
The new 25-horsepower model meets these needs and expands our servable market in commercial by 50 percent.
With current market penetration at 2-3% of the servable market, Notter believes that the broadband access infrastructure industry is in the early stages of a very long-term deployment that ultimately can reach penetration rates in excess of 50%.
The unmet medical need for better hepatitis B vaccination for certain groups such as chronic kidney disease patients is significant and is a large, servable market opportunity for Dynavax.
This past fiscal year, we have significantly expanded our servable geographies, introduced a key new product, and made considerable progress on our product roadmap.
5 as well as for the "reach extenders" that increase the servable PON distance beyond 20 km (from the "central office" to the customer).
It is estimated that Gryphics has a servable production test consumable market of approximately $250 million per year in 2007 out of a total test socket market of approximately $600 million per year.