Serving man

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a male servant, or attendant; a manservant.

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But the beautiful woman now clapped her hands; and immediately there entered a train of two and twenty serving man, bringing dishes of the richest food, all hot from the kitchen fire, and sending up such a steam that it hung like a cloud below the crystal dome of the saloon.
I took two to the counter and the serving man as deadpan as could be told me: "You can't eat them until Christmas.
Our nobility wear commonly swords or rapiers with their daggers, as doth every common serving man that followeth his lord or master.
They have been domesticated, serving man for a long time.
Perhaps it's time to call the Rev Harry Ross - St Luke's (the church in the corner of the ground) long serving man of the cloth - out of retirement .
Every officer and serving man or woman has chosen to be there and accepts that it is their duty to do whatever their government and military leaders decide has to be done, however unpalatable that might be at the time.
Individual members originally were bonded together and dedicated to the purpose of using these gifts as agents of God serving man.
They are serving man, ass, wood, knife and nothing else.
There is the old witch woman Kwan-ti and family serving man Lleck, who reappear as a Pearl Bay Dragon and a bear.
But with names like the Gormutt Bakery and Bone Appetit -- and wedding cakes topped with canine brides and grooms -- it becomes clear that these trendy American bakeries are not serving man, but man's best friend.
Every serving man or woman has to be able, if called upon, to pick up a weapon and use it to kill.
He was the type of serving man that is now disappearing from the face of the earth.