n.1.(Mach.) A relay apparatus;
2.a motor which forms part of a servomechanism.
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Designed for use in pharmaceutical and medical cleanrooms, the improved ZSE-18 mm co-rotating twin screw extruder uses a brushless AC servo-motor that is sealed against water sprays and dust.
We have learned that servo-motor technology requires torsional stiffness in order to optimize the timing of the servo motor.
The machine is completed with a vertical stacking unit driven by servo-motor.
Mini Motor has recently expanded its brushless servo-motor range with models BS 80/50 and BS 8(l/100 and with BSE 80/50 and BSE 80/100 (with planetary reduction unit).
Servo tuning and set-up are now just like any DC servo-motor.
Francesco Vallone, International Rectifier Product Marketing Manager, said, "The new '007' device includes servo-motor power stages as well as a programmable digital core and its interfaces, and is intended to be the fundamental building block for every digital motion control application.
Servo-motor design is said to provide consistent and repeatable bead profiles and variable-flow-rate metered shot volumes.
The shopping cart features 47 products, including the HS20 industrial hollow-shaft encoder, F18 and F14 servo-motor feedback encoders, Dual Isolated HS35 industrial hollow-shaft encoder, H20 and H25 Series of industrial shaft encoders, and the X25 Explosion Proof encoder.
Machine sizes rose to around 300 tons in 1985 on the heels of increases in available servo-motor sizes.
The Cannon CGL Power and Signal connector is used in servo-motor applications for machine tool and automation, printing presses, transfer chains in automotive plants, transport and transfer equipment, textile machines and equipment used in the food industry.
Ube's all-electric line has two servo motors on the injection unit, which has allowed the firm to overcome the size limitations of current servo-motor designs.
The servo-motor design contributes to an 18% reduction in robot width, while load capacity for the wrist axes is increased by up to 27% to a maximum of 363 lb.