n.1.(Mach.) A relay apparatus;
2.a motor which forms part of a servomechanism.
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Designed for use in pharmaceutical and medical cleanrooms, the improved ZSE-18 mm co-rotating twin screw extruder uses a brushless AC servo-motor that is sealed against water sprays and dust.
We have learned that servo-motor technology requires torsional stiffness in order to optimize the timing of the servo motor.
The machine is completed with a vertical stacking unit driven by servo-motor.
Mini Motor has recently expanded its brushless servo-motor range with models BS 80/50 and BS 8(l/100 and with BSE 80/50 and BSE 80/100 (with planetary reduction unit).
Servo tuning and set-up are now just like any DC servo-motor.
Servo-motor design is said to provide consistent and repeatable bead profiles and variable-flow-rate metered shot volumes.
Machine sizes rose to around 300 tons in 1985 on the heels of increases in available servo-motor sizes.
Ube's all-electric line has two servo motors on the injection unit, which has allowed the firm to overcome the size limitations of current servo-motor designs.
The servo-motor design contributes to an 18% reduction in robot width, while load capacity for the wrist axes is increased by up to 27% to a maximum of 363 lb.