n.1.A series.
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Ngiti (Smile), which Ito wrote -- and is a TV hit Kalye Serye theme, popularised by the Twitter-buster love team #Aldub -- struck a familiar chord with the audience.
Further, it is the grace of Jupiter--as Christian God--that Theseus acknowledges in the last words of the tale when he says, "What may I conclude of this longe serye,/But after wo I rede us to merye/ And thanken Juppiter of al his grace?
The latter plays a fictional character named "Yaya Dub" on a segment called kalye serye (street series) in the noontime show, Eat Bulaga.
Enrique Gil's next serye, "Bagani," out by March, sees him doing action-packed scenes enhanced by computer-generated imagery.
We conducted one international and national fact finding mission and after that fact finding mission meron tayong mga serye ng documentation not only from bakwits of Marawi but bakwits of the nine provinces who are currently facing intensive military operations, aerial bombardments, and harassments,' Casilao said.
Ito 'yung klase ng serye na ma-a-appreciate ng hindi super bata, ng nakakaintindi na ng buhay, may pang-unawa na.
I've given praise to the first half of Kalye Serye and On The Wings Of Love.
A blessed year it's been for Gabby Concepcion who, despite the constant surge of younger actors, stayed prominently on radar to the public thanks to his hit serye "Ika-6 Na Utos.
If you've ever struggled with carving a thick, unwieldy roll of crispy pata, you should try the dish served at Serye Restaurant.
He said he jumped for joy when he learned he got the role in the so-called "love serye," considering it was the first time he auditioned for a project.
I am observing chivalry, so I am choosing (either of) the two ladies," SeAaAaAeA~eres told reporte during the Usaping Balita News Forum at Serye Cafe in Quezon City.
Maxi-Peel recently launched their latest ad campaign called Maxi-Peel Tunay Serye.