Set line

a line to which a number of baited hooks are attached, and which, supported by floats and properly secured, may be left unguarded during the absence of the fisherman.

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I absolutely had to see you," she said; and the serious and set line of her lips, which he saw under the veil, transformed his mood at once.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of lattice strucuture for d/c (42 feet long) set and s/c (36 feet long) set line
videos#But what has set Line apart so far are the cute cartoon "stickers" that friends can send to each other while chatting online.
No set line up, guest musicians, we improv over grooves including lyrics and quote from anyone -TV adverts, books, cartoons, Camus, Monty Python, anything.
If his manager or closest advisers are helpless to bring him to toe a set line, which he should not step out, I believe, at least other recognized artists in business now should tell him in strong language to 'Behave or get out of entertainment business'.
The Fiat 500L sits high on the road and it does roll around corners, which is not ideal in a family car, while the suspension is biased towards firmness on the 17-inch wheels and tyres fitted, but it does not exhibit the agility of the smaller stablemate and it wanted to run wide on curves rather than follow a set line through a corner.
Black Radiance continues to occupy a leading spot in the ethnic cosmetics segment, while The Color Institute and gift set line, and The Color Workshop have continued to lead sales during the holiday season," George adds.
Most sheets from the Hotel Collection cotton sheet set line are available in five different colors: vanilla creme, slate green, medium blue, blush pink, and pale purple.
Select Home-Paragraph-Spacing--set both "Before" and "After" to 0 pt (Office 2010 defaults to 12)--also set Line Spacing to 'Single'.
For remote line control, set line from either end of the pipe.
has introduced a Kids Dinner set line that is designed to help kids eat their entire meal by entertaining them while they are eating.
THERE'S just a glint of fear in the eyes of the young bride that she's managing to control in the set line of her lips.