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Seth 1

In the Bible, the third son of Adam and Eve.

Seth 2

 (sĕth) also Set (sĕt)
n. Mythology
The ancient Egyptian god of storms and chaos who murdered his brother, Osiris. He is portrayed as a man with an animal's head.

[Greek Sēth, from Egyptian śtḫ, stẖ.]


(Bible) Old Testament Adam's third son, given by God in place of the murdered Abel (Genesis 4:25)



the third son of Adam. Gen. 4:25



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Noun1.Seth - (Old Testament) third son of Adam and Eve; given by God in place of the murdered Abel
Old Testament - the collection of books comprising the sacred scripture of the Hebrews and recording their history as the chosen people; the first half of the Christian Bible
2.Seth - evil Egyptian god with the head of a beast that has high square ears and a long snout; brother and murderer of Osiris
References in classic literature ?
THE HOUSE in which Seth Richmond of Winesburg lived with his mother had been at one time the show place of the town, but when young Seth lived there its glory had become somewhat dimmed.
In the relationship between Seth Richmond and his mother, there was a quality that even at eighteen had begun to color all of his traffic with men.
As for creeping into his room-- after Seth had passed his fifteenth year, she would have been half afraid to do anything of the kind.
Once when he was a boy of sixteen, Seth in com- pany with two other boys ran away from home.
The concert of the tools and Adam's voice was at last broken by Seth, who, lifting the door at which he had been working intently, placed it against the wall, and said, "There
The workmen all looked up; Jim Salt, a burly, red-haired man known as Sandy Jim, paused from his planing, and Adam said to Seth, with a sharp glance of surprise, "What
Aye, sure," said Seth, with answering surprise; "what's awanting to't?
Mebbe I was drowsing, with Seth running the engine; but he slammed on the brakes so sudden hard that I darn near went through the cab window.
What the--' I started to yell, and 'Holy hell,' Seth says, as both of us looked at what was on the track.
Hell of a way to stop a locomotive,' I complained at Seth, as I climbed down on to the right of way.
The name of the sailing vessel was the Seth Hall, and the captain's name was Seth Hall, too.
Sacred To the Memory of Robert Long, Willis Ellery, Nathan Coleman, Walter Canny, Seth Macy, and Samuel Gleig, Forming one of the boats' crews of the Ship Eliza, Who were towed out of sight by a Whale, On the Off-shore Ground in the Pacific, December 31st,