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Sethite, Sethian

a member of a Gnostic sect that regarded Seth, son of Adam, as the father of a pure race and considered the serpent as its deity.
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The level set method which is devised by Osher and Sethian is a simple and versatile method for analyzing and computing the motion of interface, whose basic idea is that the interface is defined as the zero level set of level set function [phi] (X.
Peshawar's jewel in the crown, the Mohallah Sethian or Sethi Street, stands as a testament to days gone by when stories of distant lands were narrated over cups of green tea and caravans of traders stopped in the city, while travelling from the Central Asian steppes to the Indian plains.
Turner, Sethian Gnosticism and The Platonic Tradition (Louvain-Paris, Peeters, 2001), 364-67, Moderatus posited a unitary logos which retracts itself, thereby producing Quality (that is, Plato's indefinite Dyad) and the First One.
The fast marching was originally introduced by Sethian (1996).
And Tuomas Rasimus argues that Sethian Gnostics were first out of the gate, preceding Porphyry, in applying a Stoicized version of the Neoplatonic triad of being-life-mind to their decidedly nonStoic cosmology.
The amazing increase in microcomputer processing velocity during the last few years, added to their huge storage capability, has enabled the development of algorithms from different theoretical backgrounds, giving birth to refraction tomography (Schuster et al, 1993; Sethian, 2007; Zhang et al.
Sethian, Level Set Methods and Fast Marching Methods, New York: Cambridge Univ.
Heresiological pieces return in subsequent chapters devoted to Sethian, Basilidean, Valentinian, and three-principle systems.
According to Kasser (2006:23), this is terminology used in Sethian Gnosticism and indicates that Jesus is from the divine realm and is the son of God.
The level set method was devised by Osher and Sethian [3], The main idea in the level set method is to describe a closed curve [GAMMA] in the image plane as the zero level set of a higher dimensional function [phi](X, t) in [R.
Valentinian and Sethian texts cannot be put into a single system.
About a decade ago, Sethian and Osher discovered an ingenious way to skirt such problems.