Setting dog

a setter. See Setter, n., 2.

See also: Setting

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In like manner, Sealing up a Partridge in a small Glass Vessel, and setting it in a corner of the Room, and bringing a Setting Dog in, we led him round, near the place where it was set; but he shewed no sign of perceiving the Partridge.
Then came the May 1963 photograph of Birmingham police setting dogs against African-American demonstrators, which helped to move many white Americans who were on the fence about the issue.
The public were outraged at the leniency shown to dog fighters convicted this year - but what is the difference between setting dogs on a domestic pet, and setting dogs on a beautiful fox or majestic stag?
Setting dogs on rabbits is illegal if you do not have permission.
At the time he was jailed for 26 weeks - later reduced to 21 weeks on appeal - for killing a badger by setting dogs on it, causing a cock fight and deliberately starting a fight between a dog and a cat.
But what I fail to understand, is why is the Daily Post continues to give support to a hunt that many believe "quite rightly" are still cruelly setting dogs and hounds onto foxes?
The practice of setting dogs onto animals for sport is cruel and barbaric and should remain history.
The fight will reach a crescendo of high-pitched wailing, setting dogs from Chatsworth to North Hollywood howling, because even though the 'tick tock' on the wall says it's 7 o'clock, their little body clocks know it's only 6.
POACHERS who butchered deer in a park after setting dogs on them are being hunted by police.
He was giving evidence at the sentencing hearing of four policemen who admitted setting dogs on three black men in a videotaped attack.