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 (sə-rä′, sœ-), Georges Pierre 1859-1891.
French painter. A founder of neoimpressionism, he developed pointillism, the technique used in his masterpiece Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (1886).


(French sœra)
(Biography) Georges (ʒɔrʒ). 1859–91, French neoimpressionist painter. He developed the pointillist technique of painting, characterized by brilliant luminosity, as in Dimanche à la Grande-Jatte (1886)



Georges, 1859–91, French painter.
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Noun1.Seurat - French painter who developed pointillism (1859-1891)Seurat - French painter who developed pointillism (1859-1891)
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The murderers of researcher Michel Seurat and Rafik Hariri wanted me to leave Lebanon so my work will continue elsewhere.
tude pour une baignade, Asnieres that brought a new auction record for a work on paper by Seurat when it sold for GBP 7.
museum retrospective of Iranian master Parviz Tanavoli, along with Rembrandt and the Landscape Tradition, and Michael Craig-Martin: Reconstructing Seurat will be on view February 10 - June 7.
They'll also be amused by word play with the subheads: "Sign on the Blotted Line," "Que Seurat, Seurat," and "Drainspotting" are just three of many.
They created artwork based on the styles of great masters they studied, including Georges Seurat, Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Henri Matisse and Claude Monet.
4m [pounds sterling] that the Getty paid for Mendiant hindou, an exquisite early drawing of around 1878 by Seurat that was offered in the subsequent day sale.
Georges is named after the artist Georges Seurat, and it's that extra 's' in his name that makes him different, 'Gorgeous' or 'geek' to Dallas and the other bullies at school.
In the expanded agreement, ChemAxon will provide the JChem chemistry engine as well as Marvin sketching and rendering functionality to Schrodinger's enterprise informatics platform, Seurat.
1891: Georges Seurat, the French impressionist painter primarily responsible for the development of Pointillism, died.
Signac was referring to, among others, Georges Seurat, who in trying to systematize the optical discoveries of the impressionists, had taken a scientific approach to painting, one based on color theory.
What did the painter Seurat call the technique of placing small dots of pure colour all over the canvas to be 'mixed in the eye'?
1891: Georges Seurat, the French impressionist painter who was primarily responsible for the development of Pointillism, died.