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1. also Northern Dvina A river, about 750 km (465 mi) long, of northwest Russia flowing northwest into Dvina Bay, an arm of the White Sea.
2. also Western Dvina A river, about 1,020 km (635 mi) long, rising in western Russia and flowing southwest and northwest through Belarus and Latvia to the Gulf of Riga.


(Russian dviˈna)
1. (Placename) Northern Dvina a river in NW Russia, formed by the confluence of the Sukhona and Yug Rivers and flowing northwest to Dvina Bay in the White Sea. Length: 750 km (466 miles). Russian name: Severnaya Dvina
2. (Placename) Western Dvina a river rising in W Russia, in the Valdai Hills and flowing south and southwest then northwest to the Gulf of Riga. Length: 1021 km (634 miles). Russian name: Zapadnaya Dvina Latvian name: Daugava


(ˈdvi nə)

1. Also called Western Dvina. Latvian, Daugava. a river rising in the Valdai Hills in the W Russian Federation, flowing W through Belorussia and Latvia to the Baltic Sea at Riga. ab. 640 mi. (1030 km) long.
2. Also called Northern Dvina. a river in the N Russian Federation in Europe, flowing NW into the White Sea. ab. 470 mi. (750 km) long.
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Electronic auction: provision of services for physical protection of the administrative building of the state institution - the branch of the pension fund of the russian federation for the arkhangelsk region, located at: arkhangelsk, naberezhnaya severnaya dvina, 28
Electronic auction: implementation of works on the construction and maintenance of a transport ice crossing through the nikolsky arm of the severnaya dvina river channel, konecdvorje mo ostrovnoye village - rikasikha mo primorskoye and the winter maintenance of the lastova-konetsdvorie road in 2017-2018
Following delivery, the 2,000 mA Severnaya Dvina will maintain navigational depths and provide safe shipping in the Arkhangelsk Seaport basin and approaches.