Alexander Severus

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Alexander Se·ve·rus

 (sə-vîr′əs), Marcus Aurelius ad 208?-235.
Emperor of Rome (222-235) who succeeded his cousin and adoptive father, Heliogabalus. His death at the hands of mutinous troops was followed by fifty years of political instability in the Roman Empire.

Alexan′der Se•ve′rus

(səˈvɪər əs)
A.D. 208?–235, Roman emperor 222–235.
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In third-century Rome, Julius Paulus Prudentissimus, chief legal advisor to Emperor Severus Alexander, described the fundamental rationale for a government-issued currency using terms that remain familiar to modern monetary economists.
There are clues that they had some predecessors on this score, namely--from the most recent to the most ancient, Severus Alexander, Elagabalus, Hadrian, and Tiberius.
They cover behavioral aspects of the northern Syria 2007 hoard of Athenian Owls from the Near East; a metallurgical perspective on Athenian tetradrachms from Tel Mikhal; the eras of Pamphylia and the Seleucid invasions of Asia Minor; the Antiochus III hoard; the metrology of Judaean small bronze coins; Severus Alexander, the Temple of Jupiter Ultor, and Jovian iconography on Roman imperial coinage; and a comparative statistical approach to early Byzantine coin circulation in the eastern provinces.
The coins date from 31BC to AD224, ranging from ones Mark Antony issued to his legions before the battle of Actium to those minted for the Emperor Severus Alexander.