Sexual Interaction

Sexual Interaction



  1. Attacked her with a loose and greedy mouth, like a man sucking at a torn fruit —Miles Gibson
  2. Even when they made love … it was perfunctory, as if he were listening for something else, a phone call, a footfall. He was like a man scratching himself. She was like his hand —Margaret Atwood
  3. (She could only remember the times that he had lain with her,) fleeing into her body as if it were a refuge from his daily wage of fear and frustration —Davis Grubb
  4. Gave her whole body to me, like something without a bone —Winston Graham
  5. Gobbled her like a ripe peach —Peter De Vries
  6. He aroused her so excrutiatingly that she wanted to lie down right now for him in the middle of the muddy road and let him plough through her like a car —Julia O’Faolain
  7. He fell into her with the ease and velocity of a stone dropping into the sea —MacDonald Harris
  8. He fell on me like a wave. But like a wave he washed away, leaving no sign he’d been there —Louise Erdrich
  9. He had never before made love like this … as if he had found a twin whose body had been cast in the matching mold of his own —Amos Oz
  10. He pulled up my clothes like a man unwrapping a parcel —Graham Swift
  11. Her touch moving over my body like pebbles in a stream —Arthur A. Cohen
  12. He slips into her like a thief entering a doorway —Hilma Wolitzer
  13. He was like something washed ashore on her —Flannery O’Connor

    This observation is prompted by an unsuccessful sexual encounter.

  14. His love making felt like having a tooth stopped by a singularly incompetent dentist —Vicki Baum
  15. It [sexual intercourse] was as if we’d been fused together, melting into each other like amoebae but violently, like cars crashing head on —John Braine
  16. The lovemaking wasn’t exactly by the numbers, but she did order everything on the menu, like a teenage kid trying to impress his date —Jonathan Valin
  17. Made love like monkeys —Charles Johnson
  18. Making love with Charlie was like being taken into a big warm machine —Sue Grafton
  19. (Harry) maneuvered her around like a load of wet wash —R. Wright Campbell
  20. Our body warmth flowed back and forth, coursing between us like some underground hot spring —Harvey Swados
  21. Our two bodies met like a thunderclap —Carolyn Kizer
  22. Places her gently upon the bed like a newly pressed suit —Roger McGough
  23. She gave herself up to me like a condemned criminal —John Hagge
  24. She snuggled into him like a kitten at the breast of its mother —Rita Mae Brown
  25. She stiffened on penetration and clung to him, relaxing as if unlocked with his blunt key —Paul Theroux
  26. Spills him off her body like a pile of sand —John Updike

    See Also: REJECTION

  27. Their touch together was like a miniature jolt of electricity —Paul Horgan
  28. Undressed deliberately, slowly, as if she were unwrapping a gift —Graham Swift
  29. We crashed against one another like waves on a breakwater —Sue Grafton
  30. We ended up in bed together, sort of, spastic and looped, doomed for failure, like two senile inventors in an upstairs room, lonely as spoons —Lorrie Moore
  31. We flowed together again like a stream that for an instant an island had separated —Truman Capote
  32. We half walked half stumbled towards the bed, like uncertain dancers learning a new step —Peter De Vries
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He actually gives Hannah a first-person account of the dubious sexual interaction in question, and has her read it.
persons through blood infusion, used syringes, tattoos on body, drugs, sexual interaction with many men or women, dental diseases and use of infected operates during surgery.
Those terms might include exchanging something that is of some value to the agents additional to the value of the sexual interaction itself.
He said abstinence from eating and drinking and sexual interaction during fasting can immensely help the individual and society - it helps one to feel the hunger of poor people and it also helps in removing social evils from the society.
Compare those sentences with that imposed on a 15-year-old boy convicted of sexual interaction with his sister when he was 13 and she 11.
The real question, however, is whether they feel or are empowered beyond the time period of the sexual interaction.
But even if this were not the law, would we really want to teach our children that, when it comes to physical and sexual interaction with others, consent is anything less than a freely given and enthusiastic 'yes'?
One possibility, she says, is that the aides are closer to the delivery of care and so may see more incidents of inappropriate sexual interaction.
As the spread of the virus cannot be observed directly or experimentally manipulated through sexual interaction to establish sex as the mode of transmission requires the determination of new infection in a vulnerable partner following sexual contact the validation of the identical viral strains in the sexual partner and the elimination of nonsexual modes of HCV acquisition.
It can be transmitted through blood contact or sexual interaction," Dr.
My main regret, in terms of participatory theatre, was that I'd missed the lodestar of the genre, the Performance Group's seminal Dionysus in 69, which crossed a line Miss Havoc would surely never have considered broaching: sexual interaction with the audience.