shalom aleichem

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sha·lom a·lei·chem

 (shô′ləm ə-lā′KHəm, -kəm, shä-lōm′ ä-lā-KHĕm′)
Used as a traditional Jewish greeting or farewell.

[Hebrew šālôm 'ălêkem, peace be with you : šālôm, peace; see šlm in Semitic roots + 'ălêkem, with you ('al, 'ălê, to, upon; see ʕly in Semitic roots + -kem, second person pl. pronoun).]

shalom aleichem

(ʃaˈlɔm aˈlexɛm; English ʃəˈlɒm əˈleɪxəm)
peace be to you: used by Jews as a greeting or farewell. Often shortened to: shalom
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Benedict stood quietly with his hands clasped during a Hebrew prayer before a memorial to the six million Jews killed by Nazi Germany, and strode into the main hall as the choir sang, Shalom alechem, or peace be with you.