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See Shanxi.


(Placename) a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for Shanxi


or Shan•si


a province in N China. 30,450,000; 60,656 sq. mi. (157,099 sq. km). Cap.: Taiyuan.
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A Palaeolithic site at Hsu-Chia-Yao in Yangkao County, Shansi Province.
Located at Sinhsien near Taiyuan (or Taijuan) in Shansi (or Shansei or Shanxi) province, was the Shansi Arsenal.
It is 93 years since his death and while almost nothing of his name or life is known about him in Wales today, he left a legacy in China, founding a Western university in Taiyuanfu, Shansi, that still exists, and helping set up the first international famine relief organisation.
FOR some people the mere sight of Shansi the rat would send them scurrying for the door - but in the world of rodent shows she's a superstar.
Additional specimen examined: Shansi, Chieh-hsiu distr.
Hina Shansi, senior counsel at Human Rights First, believes the case against Bush is much more difficult to document.
altaicus; c) musk Yunnan of different physical appearance from Tonquin; d) musk Bengal (maybe also known assam musk), usually regarded as inferior; e) musk Siberian from the Shansi mountain regions; and f) musk of boukharie.
Tayyuan in Shansi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], and a number of
He is shown here on February 26, 1908, returning "tired, but satisfied," from a successful expedition in the high mountains of Shansi province in northern China.